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Lapedona, Saint Nicholas’ Church

The small town of Lapedona lies on a smooth hill between the rivers Aso and Ete Vivo. This town was once a unit of the particular managing system of the farmland that in Roman times had special production functions and was called “centuriation”. Since then the town has had a reputation for the products of its rich soil, which is cultivated with great devotion by farmers dedicating their life to olive, apple and pear trees. Lapedona is renowned not only for its delicious specialities, but it shines among the ridges of the verdant hills for its churches and monuments of great historic-artistic interest. Particularly interesting is St. Nicholas’ Church, in Giacomo Leopardi square, dating from the 14th century. Rebuilt between 1572 and 1585, it has a façade dating from 1728, a time in which sacred buildings were designed to create splendid scenographies for one of the most fascinating stories of all times. The church has a single nave, as the architectonic taste of the time required, and is covered by a tempera painting dating from 1764 and portraying The Blessed Sacrament and the saints Dominic and Nicholas of Bari, attributed to the painter Filippo Ricci from Fermo. Valuable is also the painting above the high altar titled Madonna with Child and the saints Michael the Archangel, Quirinus and Francis , painted in 1596 by Simone de Magistris, “visionary painter” of the mannerism of the Marche region. In the church is also a splendid organ dating from 1878, built by Vincenzo Paci from Ascoli, who in his youth had been a skilful majolica maker in his father’s pottery factory, later he became a master in the organ-building art, and was very much appreciated by those who recognized the power and the uncommon gentleness present in his instruments’ voices.