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Porto San Giorgio, Villa Montanari Rosati

Just to the north of Porto San Giorgio and at the top of a gentle slope which in the spring exhales an intoxicating fragrance of lime and wild roses, Villa Montanari Rosati shows us all its sober elegance. Built around 1880 by order of Francesco Montanari, the structure was designed to house a nursing home in which to recover during periods of convalescence and enjoy the beneficial effects of the sea breeze, rich in iodine and well known for its tonic and stimulating properties. Towards the end of the 19th century, thanks to construction of the railway line, the Adriatic coast became a lively seaside destination and the structure of the clinician Montanari was for many years a healthy place of stay. Surrounded by a garden in which the aromatic odour of bay bushes merges harmoniously with the coniferous odour of pines and the sharp tang of lemons in flower, the villa with its square plan is built on three levels divided by simple brick mouldings. Strolling around the residence, which is only five hundred metres from the sea, we can admire the luminous rectangular courtyard which extends along the west side and is made up of two symmetrical wings. With all probability this environment, entered through a massive wooden door, was reserved for the various nursing staff. On the south side, among ancient bushes and exotic palms, there is now a large swimming pool which is a pleasant amenity for guests staying in the villa. Entering by the main door we come into the ground floor, which is divided into small rooms facing each other through portals with lowered arches giving onto a well-illuminated corridor. The first floor consists of a finely frescoed barrel-vaulted gallery, leading into the various rooms which, like those on the second floor, were once reserved mainly for the guests of the nursing home. After a long period in which the residence was a happy holiday home for the Rosati family, Montanari's heirs, the structure underwent careful conservative restoration which enabled the heirs to launch a project of great socio-cultural value. Currently, the villa can host concerts, conferences and art exhibitions, and welcomes tourists in search of tranquillity, who today, as in the past, can enjoy the airy and dry climate of a true natural oasis.