Museum Educational Activities

Palazzo dei Priori

The time machine

An animated guided tour of Palazzo dei Priori around rooms on the piano nobile or main floor up to the Globe Room. Each room contains anecdotes and stories linked to the environment or the works preserved in it: these will be told, to retrace the history of the ancient and noble city of Fermo.

Activity cost: € 6.00 per person

Roman Cisterns

The cisterns tell a story

Orientation route inside the Roman Cisterns. By following a map, visitors will reach precise locations where they can discover stories and legends linked to the ancient Romans and the secrets associated with the construction of this impressive work of engineering.

Activity cost: € 5.00 per person

Torre Di Palme Archaeological Museum

The Archaeologist’s Notebook

Thanks to the reproduction of a stratigraphic excavation, the children, divided into three groups, will experience the work of the archaeologist. They will use specific tools and bring to lights finds to be recognised, restored and catalogued.

Activity cost: € 5.00 per person

Diocesan Museum

For primary schools, the focus is on a playful approach, that emphasises the visual aspect and the discovery of the environment. Middle school children can approach the works more closely, through routes that allow them to acquire knowledge of the city’s artistic and cultural heritage. The aim of the visits for high school pupils is to try to ignite their ability to analyse and investigate, formulating hypotheses, interpretations and insights into artistic research.

All teaching activities can be presented and agreed with the teachers, taking into account special needs.

Guided Tours

Palazzo dei Priori (Globe Room and Art Gallery)

Roman Cisterns or Aquila Theatre (except during performances)

50.00 per class

Roman cisterns free during scheduled visiting hours
Aquila Theatre free during scheduled visiting hours